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the beds, where are the beds? – Ah, no, an arrow, there, no! -haha, I told you there were traps I told you there were traps … -and traps, and I’ve fallen back down I’m going up again great, … to see and see the arrow the arrow … noo again!? and how are you ladies and gentlemen of the legion, welcome all to this fantastic new life, we are here with Mr. Timba, hello, how are you?

Hello raptor! well, I’m here because I’ve wanted, because otherwise I would not know? -You would not be you would not be true, because you would lose yourself, you told me that you have lost yourself while bringing you to this world, the wonderful world of Raptor .is that I have fallen asleep on the road and speaking of asleep, I come to believe you, and that is that .. timbba, do not sleep please … I was going to fly but I can not, wait timba welcome to this place where our mantions are, I have built this mancion for you. that, the one on the left side is yours Oh yeah? it’s great!

what a great house is that I’m dixlesic and I tell you it’s the right side, it’s the left side, okay! The right side, this one here, is yours, so that you have your construction… and on the left side will be my side worth? Raptor, and what is this minigame that you have brought me to do?

so let’s build a secret room or a secret base tell A, say B, as you want to say timba where you will have to hide your treasure, open the chest and you will see what your treasure is mine is a sacred raptor carrot and yours is the sacred bed of dreams dreams, is the bed of my dreams And I do not know why I got a carrot !? I still do not understand it, but hey … because you are a rabbit! -I’m not a rabbit! I’m a dinosaur!

silly!! hahaha a bunny hahaha no! a dinnosaur!

ok, without more to say, you have the necessary time to build your base inside your house, you have to hide it … and then I’ll have to go and look for her, and you’ll tell me that I’ll give clues, okay? OK, perfect, I love it ok, you love it, start timba, you have the time from now, 3, 2, 1 … let’s go for it! ok, I’m going to do the first zone here no, yes yes, I’m going to do it here OK, I’m going to make a very nice place where is it going to touch you to find, well … the first house, the first hiding place … the first track, better said.

Well, it’s up to you, if you’re going to have to find it! -why? because I’m going to make it difficult for you you believe, you already say that you are going to make it difficult for me. you will see you will see, what a wave, very difficult, as it is and then … here and here I’m going to put this, so you can not pass and I’m going to put this … false trail, so you go crazy false tracks are you going to put me?

-no, no, all tracks are true no, they are true, they are true! -hahaha, you just said your own trap, fool. ok, I’m placing my traps, to place these clues I’m going to place a box and a, this … paper. the first clue will be like this … super, super old, super in plan super .. the answer … is … under … the… … the food … there!

I will not say more clues, because then you will know what I, what I say OK, and I’m leaving here .. -I’m putting a lot of posters to give you clues, okay? already place the first clue on the entrance staircase the firts clue…. I am writing many clues, many, x 3 ok, you think you have very good clues I have the best Okay, okay, I already have two tracks scored, okay? Now, we’re going to go somewhere else here, right here and here, exactly where? exactly here Here we are going to place one of these little, handsome, beautiful we put one there, and … I place, perfect, we have the first you will never find it!

you will never find it! Do not make me crazy, better do things to me that I could understand is easier, do not you think? if here, just the color that I want … – is that you are not a very good architect I know, I’m not a good architect, you’re absolutely right no, I’m right full of horn is right full of horn, I like it, I like how you think the next clue … is … where … you pass … perfect, here I’m going to take it out we put … I need a … I need a wood!

-Nothing else you will never find, I know I already have it, I also have it almost -you already have it? almost I almost have it … -You do not have it … liar. and it’s going to be impossible for you to find it! Never! and, here, you will never find it here And finally, I’m going to put the chest here … Ready Timba! I’m finished, how are you?

I finished it a while ago … OK, -Go to mine first! ok, I’m going to yours first, I like it, I like how you think Of course, it’s that people have already seen yours … let’s explain mine! start … ok … eh .. enter the house not seriously? yes …

I have put many clues for you to see can it be outside ?, he says, well … I do not know if he can be outside It should not be outside … here says [uff that heat Well … here are many stoves .. okay I have removed them all, you know? because they make a lot of noise.

aaqui says [what a nice house you do not like? she is very beautiful -well … it’s very pretty it’s close, it’s close Well, it says, uh, it’s close I enter … here, haha I would go up, x2, okay? listen to the arrows listen to the arrows hahaha do not you … here’s something It is not here TIMBA look in the chests look in the chests Raptor it can be in the chests it can be … it’s not in the chests hahah, but you had to look at it look in the chests … but if the other side says the same, I was stuck I may be out Raptor can not be outside where is it? I told you that you will never find it because my bed is my bed, okay! and you will never find it filthy rabbit … I’ll never tell you Is not that what is true?

that’s not, that’s just a map defect do not! When I made the map, I was not here you have not done it … he has done it … no, the door! Oh, okay, It had a door … okay, and a poster! I had a sign! -what does it say?

ah, do not you dare enter here, you can … omg you can die you laugh, but it has cost you a lot to find it BECAUSE I WAS NOT INSIDE THE HOUSE Timba starts Ok, the first clue … this … where your eyes can see ah… ah… face! I have it in my face !! the first clue … does not mean that this carrot my eyes can see …. THE TV!

THE TV! X2 -It may be, x2 it’s television … -where can you enter on TV? i dont know Where can I go on TV? oh, ok, ok, i see.

you have to do parkour you are almost, you are almost, but not so much is here … no? uh, ah! I fell inside ok, see if you could enter? How was it entered? How I did it?

Oh, you found it! I found it, the answer is under the dog’s food. Of the dog… if it’s OK, there you have to analyze it … where can the food be and … and that the dog eats the dog eats …. carrot.

for you I rolled the world eat carrot timba, you’re stupid! Oh no, our dog eats diamonds! Where is the diamond? little diamond!

to see … says, where is the dog’s food, and where can the dog’s food be? in the pot but there is no pot … -in the kitchen. OK, in the kitchen right, look in the kitchen for the dog’s food to see kitchen, where is the kitchen here? Where can the dog be?

see, a bone! -oh, right! Let’s see, there’s the bone … -OK! ah! is that here if it breaks. I sweat!

you see What does the next clue say? the next track where you always spend This is where you always spend. Where can you always pass, timba? in the bed!

ok! in the bed! -Look, look for her in bed Can you break things? for sure they can break I did not know that things could be broken -don’t you know what could be?

aaahhh I have fallen down read the next clue timba on the floor closer to the sun the red one will open but beware! there will be traps .. -OK, ok What did you understand on the track? on the floor closer to the sun … that is, in the top .. -well, right, and now, What would it mean if you follow the red ones? Well, the arrows!

you have to follow the arrows oh, it can be, x2 -the beds The beds, where are the beds? ah, no, an arrow, an arrow there, no, -hahaha I told you there were traps I told you there were traps -there are traps and I’ve fallen back down … I’m I’m going up again good, -lets see the arrow x4 again!

Look, here’s another arrow, -ok, x3, follow the arrow Goes there … ok, follow her sure there is a trap around here .. -Who knows? traps x3 oh oh, OHHH YOU HAVE FOUND! -THE CARROT I HAVE FOUND IT !!

WHAT YOU HAVE COSTED I have it, I’m going to eat it! x2 hey timba, did not you expect that he was there, right? because you’ve been looking for another way you were not expecting and this one that gives, this one that gives where? -no, is that this was … Beware of the trap, I told you there were traps again? good good, you’ve found it timba. Very good, but, eye, between you and me, I’ve been the one who has made it easier No, no, no, it’s that I’ve also made it very easy for you because you are silly, I have made it very difficult for you Well, without more to say guys, remember to leave your comments a little hand up, and share it like this in all your social networks and until the next video, join the legion, bye, bye!

I’m going to eat your carrot, goodbye! hahaha, TIMBAAA!! !