How to Sign Up for Ignition Poker

This guide will be applicable for U.S. and Aussie users looking to play cards at Ignition. Let’s get started. First and foremost we need to delete our web browser cookies. This will enable proper tracking to ensure you get the bonuses you deserve. I am currently using Google Chrome browser so in this video I will cover how to delete cookies in Chrome open Google Chrome.

Make sure the cookies and other site data is checked You may uncheck every other box if desired but you must keep the cookies box checked. Make sure the all time option in the drop-down bar is selected. at the top of the window. Click clear data in the bottom right of the window. And that was a hard part not too bad right?

Now that we cleared our history let’s get back to creating our new account. Now we should be back on our browser with professional online casino Canada review. As we scroll down here you can see that there’s a sign-up bonus available to players new to the site. To be eligible for this bonus you must sign up through our site review on Ignition poker.

This bonus will match 100% of your first deposit up to $1,000. It pays out in stages as you collect poker points. To check out how this point system works Professional Rakeback does offer a guide that gives more detail on how this bonus works. Click the banner provided by Professional Rakeback to be sent to Ignition poker.

Click the join now button. Fill out the information in the boxes below and then click the open account button. Choose one of the three bonus options that is best suited for you.

If you’d like to verify your account be sure to contact Ignition with the phone number provided below and then ask for your customer number. this call will only take about two minutes of your time. After, be sure to contact Professional Rakeback using your Skype or email. We recommend doing this to ensure your account validity. Download and install the poker client. All right, and that’s all it takes for you to sign up and get started with Ignition poker.

For any questions or concerns in regards of your new account and bonuses. Contact us on Skype or email with your login name and registered email address. This is SweetD signing off with Professional Rakeback where you can get expert advice from pro players. We would wish you good luck at the tables but that’s for the fish. So until next time, play well